Hi there! I’m Danica —

a mama, teacher and advocate for children’s WHOLE well-being and holistic development.

With sixteen-plus years of experience in many areas of education, I am chiefly passionate about supporting early childhood educators and leaders in how they work with children's big feelings and tricky behaviours so they can best support the needs of the little people in their care.

I am on a mission to be your support person, cheerleader, and go-to resource in demystifying how to effectively support children through their big feelings and guide them towards prosocial behaviours. 

Welcome to your safe space, your hub, and a place where, together, we’ll lean in to make an ever-lasting change. I am so, so grateful to have you here.

Love Danica xx

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A hub for early childhood educators to feel seen, heard, understood and valued as they navigate the complexities of supporting children’s behaviours and big feelings. 

So how exactly can I help you? It's a little bit like a choose your own adventure - if you're after something immediately accessible, I'm constantly building onto my online webinars and courses; if you'd like 1:1 access to me, I can be your behaviour and big feelings mentor; if professional development for your team is more your jam, I've got a range of core (or bespoke!) workshops on offer.

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The Little Bloom Difference

Our role as educators can be daunting – we act as safe harbours while our little ones are discovering all that it means to be human, including navigating the sometimes-murky waters of emotions and prosocial behaviours. Goodness, this can lead us to feeling overwhelmed! Where do we start? How do we act as confident leaders and guides? This is where Little Bloom can help.


Are you someone who is:

✓ Passionate about nurturing connections?

✓ Overwhelmed by tricky behaviours and big feelings?

✓ Needing confidence in supporting challenging situations?

âś“ Seeking to move beyond traditional punitive approaches towards embedding guidance into your practice (no behaviour charts around here!)?

✓ Driven to improve the emotional well-being of the children in your care?

✓ Excited to implement healthy boundaries and communication skills?

✓ Open to learning how to understand and respond to the root cause of tricky behaviour?

✓ Looking for a tool-kit packed to the brim with strategies that work? 

How many did you say yes to? 

Oook … even reading the list can feel pretty overwhelming, right? Let me change that for you. 

Through three fundamental pillars of mindset, evidence and practice, I aim to make redundant a limiting mindset and introduce a new perspective for both understanding and guiding  children's behaviour and emotional development. 

I provide current research in education, child development, psychology, neuroscience and mental health and map out what this looks like for children’s behaviour and social-emotional development. I then tie it all together with strategies that equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to effectively support big feelings and behaviours so you, as well as the children in your care, can truly thrive.

Through Little Bloom, my primary goal is to honour every individual for the incredible human that they are – and that includes you!

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Little Bloom honours the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and water. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.